Use ajax component to create an embedded QlikView object

I've wanted to write about this for a long time. You can really do some cool stuff with the ajax tools and regular html pages.

So what I want to do is to add some QlikView objects to a regular html page, and have them behave just is in QlikView. When I select something i one box then it propergates the selection to the others.

You need a QlikView server with a test document first of all. Perhaps you want to publish it as a ajax document, that will give you most of the needed code. Specially the part in head tags is needed, you must copy all lines with <link /> and <script /> (only script tags that include a src= property) tags into your own file. And have them run before what I write below. You need to change the values of qva.View and qva.Autoview to fit your own files:

<script language="javascript" 
xmlns:zfp="uri:zfp" xmlns:user="uri:user"
	var qva = new Qva.PageBinding();
	//QlikView file without .qvw extension		
	qva.View = "QlikViewFile"; 
	// set the sheet to be used
	qva.Autoview = "SH02;"
	// This will iniate it all	
	new Qva.Scanner(qva);

You then must use an onload event to get the above code triggered, and get the QlikView javascript to render the page items.

<body onload="Qva.Start()" >

Then add some html like this, which you can copy paste from generated ajax file, remember to change the object id, here its LB495:

<table style="width:auto;" avq="table" 
avqbody="true" AvqAsync="20:.LB495" 

I hope you enjoy this :) Regards Seebach