Manifest, change the face of all business

In the fields of Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management, we are starting to see a paradigm shift. Its a shift similar to when the personal computer first appeared. It gave the power of computing and handling complex tasks to everyone who could use it, and even later to everyone. And with the internet the computer became a huge source of information and knowledge for the common people.

This shift has also affected business. Information has come everyones fingertips. Well, that is nearly all information, information from the outside is easy available. Internal business information has still a long way to come. Many managers today realize the power of numbers instead of gut feelings. But they still have to overcome It.

The gap between the LEAN and ITIL driven IT and the business side has never been deeper. And when analytics come into play, the gap often widens. Applying ITIL to Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management changes your possibility of success dramatically. Even the best run IT departments are not ready to embrace quick and always changing needs of analytics. You need to relieve IT from this task and let them do what IT is best at: Running servers. And leave analytics management to the business side.

This is were Guerrilla BI comes into play. It bridges the gap between It and business. By doing quick, easy and cheap data gathering, and placing the core data into the hands of the business side. Were the analysis will take place.

IT does not have to bother about doing changes when the business side wants it. The business side does not have to wait for IT getting down to the list of changes and going through a rigorous bureaucracy before anything gets done.

Everyone is happy. Perhaps except for Microsoft, IBM and SAP - the old world BI vendors who make trillions on the old rigorous bureaucracies.

Regards - The Guerilla BI Crew