The Phrase Guerrilla BI

I first learned about this phrase from John Kay, who had been using it internally at PA Consulting. I asked about its origins, and as far as he knew it was coined by Peter Lumley or Kyriacos Karsa. Working on a project for a major Telco in UK.

But for my concern I give credit to them all. Its a very good description for what my company has been doing for over 6 years now. We have mostly used QlikView, even before their was a QlikView server, we got in quickly, under the rader, did something radical and got out. And the result was that company was never the same again!

So I have to say I stolen the idea, but this phrase is simply to telling and rebellious that I could leave it alone. Because at heart I'm still an 18 year old rebel! Even if my vote is konservative!

This approach will work for even bigger companies, since computers have become super fast, and ram is dirt cheap. We are basicly just rocking the world of any company in the need for change.

Regards Seebach on behalf of the Guerrilla Crew